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A coffee shop is nothing without it's team...

…and I am so lucky to have the team I do, working everyday to provide the friendly and efficient service that our customers have come to expect from us as a business.

As well as striving to provide great tea and coffee, fabulous cakes, and savoury treats, we also pride ourselves on our warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere. Our team is a big part of this, always there with a smile and a helping hand.

Both our present team, and all our team members in the past, have made TeaHee! the success it is today. Each team member brings their own special something to the business, whether it’s a talent in latte art, a joy for organisation, a creative flare for baking or even that someone who just loves a good clean.

I cannot pretend for a second that I could have survived the past three and a half years without my team. They have helped me build a business, survive a pandemic as well as just keep the business thriving through the dreaded ‘cost of living crisis’ and beyond.

Personally, these fabulous individuals are more than employees to me, they are friends who just so happen to spend their working week in my coffee shop, listening to my troubles, supporting me through tough days, and celebrating the good days too.

Snaps of the present and past team...

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